Business Loans ranging from Rs.75K to Rs.55L with a tenure starting from 6 months.


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Basic Eligibility Criteria

You're probably eligible for a Loan if you are

  • At Least 23 Years Old

  • Less Than 65 Years Old

  • Minimum Net Annual ITR 1.5 Lakh

  • Must have a 6 month old current account

  • Business must be 2 years old

  • No Collateral required


Get the Best Business Loan in Chhattisgarh with Realfinserv

The business loan can be applied by all who are into the business and aim to grow their business. The main reason can be the establishment or expansion because the business owners are always into the need for capital. The business loan in Chhattisgarh can be of both types secured as well as unsecured.
With the help of Realfinserv, one can avail the loan very easily at the most competitive rate of interest. We provide the most reliable services in this sector so that business needs can be fulfilled easily and efficiently. 
We have made the whole procedure of applying for business loans in India easy as well as simple and basic. The business loans which we provide do not require any kind of security, and we have the professionals who will help to overcome all the challenges faced by businessmen at the time of availing the business loans.

The most common features of business loans by business loan providers in Chhattisgarh are mentioned as follows:

 The businesspeople can avail the business loan of up to 5 crores depending upon the needs and requirements of the business. The business loan will be provided and will be based upon the size of the organization so that one can calculate the amount required for expansion and other things.

 The tenure of business loans can range up to 7 years depending upon the requirements of consumers.

 The process of availing the business loan is very easy and simple. Minimal documentation is required from the end of the consumer. A lot of lenders also provide doorstep services for collecting the documents so that the whole process becomes much more convenient for the consumer.

 The amount of business loan is transferred into the bank account of the consumer within three working days or even sooner. So, the disbursal is very speedy.

Many factors can affect the rate of interest associated with business loans and are mentioned as follows:

 The credit score of the applicant will be the major factor deciding the rate of interest. This score will help in showing the creditworthiness of the consumer to the lender. In case, one has a good credit score, then one can get various offers. But in case, the credit score is not good, then one will have to face the consequences of the increased rate of interest.

 Credit history is another parameter which is considered at the time of providing business loans. In case one has displayed creditworthiness in the past transactions, then one will be considered reliable and will be provided with a lower rate of interest.

 The rate of interest also depends upon the amount of loan. So, the applicant should calculate all the requirements of the business before applying for a particular loan.

 The relationship with the lender can also affect the rate of interest. In case one has a good relationship than one will have access to a competitive rate of interest, otherwise not.
 So, small business loans in Chhattisgarh can be availed with a high level of convenience and ease by the individuals.

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