Business Loans ranging from Rs.75K to Rs.55L with a tenure starting from 6 months.


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Basic Eligibility Criteria

You're probably eligible for a Loan if you are

  • At Least 23 Years Old

  • Less Than 65 Years Old

  • Minimum Net Annual ITR 1.5 Lakh

  • Must have a 6 month old current account

  • Business must be 2 years old

  • No Collateral required

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Every business requires sufficient funds to undertake their day to day activities or special business activities. Running a business is not as easy as everyone is not successful in running a business. Many people are unable to tackle the problems that arise with managing the business and end up at the closure of a business. You must fulfil the entire fund relating requirement for a business loan. You may have heard about the term business loan; a business loan is acquired by a businessman to start his or her business or to expand their business. 

If you are looking for a business loan at the best terms and conditions, then you can contact Realfinserv for this. You can now get a business loan in Delhi from Realfinserv at a low financing cost if you are acquiring a large sum of loans. You can avail business loan from a minimum of Rs5 lakhs to Rs.55 lakhs. You have to pay lower equated monthly instalments for your large amount of loans.

With the help of business loan facilities, you can extend your business operations and enhance your business growth. These loans are offered at the simple and basic terms so that you can meet all the development relating requirements of your current business. We understand the fact that adequate business fund is essential to undertake any operation for a business. Realfinserv is the best business loan provider in Delhi , and here you can avail a loan without any security. You can choose the business loans which suit your business needs. We have paid great attention to the financing costs so that you can get a one at the lowest interest rate.

Business loans can be of two types - one is secured loans, and the other is unsecured loans. For secured loans, you will have to provide security to the loan provider in different forms like in assets, equipment, property, etc. The interest on secured loans is less as compared to unsecured loans. In case of unsecured loans, the applicant does not have to provide security against the loan, but the interest rate charged on these loans is higher than those in secured loans. There can be different purposes behind taking a loan for any applications relating to its business. 

The various purposes of getting business loans are for the extension of the business, to buy any expensive equipment, to meet its current requirements or routine requirements, to enhance their history of credit, and so on. To get business loans, you must fulfil the various documentation requirements of the various institutions to get business loans. 

Documents Required for a Business Loan:

 Proof of your identity
 Address proof of the applicant of the loan

 Statements of the bank from the last six months

 Business proof of continuity

 Income tax return of the last two years or your computation of income

 If you are applying for a loan with a co-applicant, then you also have to submit the income tax returns of that person of last two years

 Proof of ownership of your business or office

 Financial statements of your business which are certified by the Chartered accountant of the last two years

So, these are the various documents that are required when you are applying for a business loan. It is very important to meet and fulfil all the eligibility criteria and documentation in order to get your business loan. Before selecting your business loan provider, you can consider these following points so that you can make your decision carefully. 

 Be aware: Before choosing a business loan provider for your business loan, you can search well about the options that you have and the alternatives available. Taking your decision without thinking is a sign of illiteracy; you must avoid this situation to come. Try to be self-aware and know well in advance about the interest rates prevailing in the market, eligibility status, sum of the loan, etc. 

 The interest rate is an important point to be considered: You should consider the interest rate being charged by the various service providers so that you can select the best one. It is not the sole factor that you should consider, but it is one of them. As you have to pay interest at regular intervals so you must know how much you have to pay, so search and consider this point before making your decision regarding the business loan. When you go for unsecured loans, then the interest rate is generally high as there is more risk involved as compared to secured loans. You can decide whether you want to go for secured or unsecured loans. 

 Terms and conditions relating to repayment of the loan: You must pay attention to the repayment terms and conditions of your loan. Repayment of loan means in which time limit you have to repay your loan. So, you must pay attention to this point about reimbursement or repayment of the loan before finalizing your decision of business loan. 

 Application fees: You must consider and find out what are the different kinds of fees or charges that you have to pay while applying for a business loan. Some lenders charge high fees, whereas some do not charge such fees. So before taking your decision, consider all the prepayment of charges or faces that you have to pay. 

 Take your time: you are not supposed to take your decision under pressure. You must take enough time to take your decision. You must search for all the important elements well in advance and then evaluate the alternatives available to you. Only after evaluation, you must choose the right business providers. 

Small business loans in Delhi can easily be acquired through Realfinserv. You can go through all the paper requirements and eligibility for taking business loans. Feel free to contact us anytime and get the best business loans in India. 

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