Personal Loans ranging from Rs.25K to Rs.25L with a tenure starting from 6 months.


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Basic Eligibility Criteria

You're probably eligible for a Loan if you are

  • At Least 23 Years Old

  • Less Than 65 Years Old

  • Salary must be in your account

  • Minimum salary required Rs.15000/Month credit in bank

  • Minimum job experience / stability 6 months

Get IDFC Bank Personal Loan for Educational Purposes with Real Finserv

Good quality education is essential for having a successful career. Most of the students aspire to enrol for higher studies in reputed colleges or universities. However, the cost of studying in such institutions is quite high, and most of the parents cannot afford to send their children to these institutions. In such situations, education loans are one of the best options to help parents finance their children's education.  

What is an education loan?

Education loans are personal loans granted to students to help them finance the education expenses of higher studies from reputed colleges or universities in India or abroad. It is the best way to fulfill the dream of pursuing higher studies without getting your finances disturbed. The following are types of education loans available in India:  
  • Parents availing an education loan 
  • Under Graduate education loan
  • Postgraduate education loan 
  • Career growth education loans
Students can fulfill their aspiration of studying in reputed universities or colleges by availing of IDFC Bank personal loan for education.  Realfinserv provides a digital platform for quick and easy application of such loans.  

Features of IDFC Bank personal loan for education
  • Quick and simple application and disbursal process.
  • The maximum loan amount up to Rs. 80 lakhs-1.5 crore can be availed for pursuing studies in both India and abroad.
  • Tenure of repayment is a maximum of 15 years after the starting repayment for studies in both India and abroad.
  • Repayment of loan would start either after 1 year of completing the studies or after 6 months of getting a job, whichever is earlier.
  • Repayment of interest amount starts immediately after payment of the first loan installment.
  • The interest rate ranges from 9.55% to 13.25%.
  Eligibility criteria of IDFC Bank personal loan for education
  • Non-employed personnel can avail of loan up to 35 years of age, whereas, in the case of working employees or executives, it is up to 45 years of age.
  • The customer should be an Indian who has taken admission in professional or technical courses in a recognized institution.
  • The customer who is a permanent employee wants to obtain professional qualifications, and has acquired admissions in a reputed institute should be employed for not less than 3 years with any organization.
  Documents required
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Mortgage Document
  • The last 6 months bank account statement of all the banks where the applicant holds an account.
  • Guarantor Form
  • Institution's Detail
  Why choose Realfinserv for an education loan? 

Realfinserv is one of India's leading financial service providers. Our 16 years of experience in the financial sector have helped us provide assistance and support to many people.   
  • We offer a wide variety of loans in real-time with low-interest rates.
  • We have tied-up with reputed banks and financial institutions to bring the best deals for our customers.
  • Our experts assist the customer in the required paperwork. 
  A customer seeking to avail IDFC Bank education loan can approach us. We have also come up with a digital platform to offer our customers an easy application and quick disbursal process.