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Personal Loans ranging from Rs.25K to Rs.25L with a tenure starting from 6 months.


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Basic Eligibility Criteria

You're probably eligible for a Loan if you are

  • At Least 23 Years Old

  • Less Than 65 Years Old

  • Salary must be in your account

  • Minimum salary required Rs.15000/Month credit in bank

  • Minimum job experience / stability 6 months

Avail HDFC Bank Personal Loan Balance Transfer through Realfinserv

When the emergency needs of funds strike, people are ready to avail of loans at even higher interest rates in case of a financial crunch. To save yourself from high-interest payments, you can opt for a Personal Loan balance transfer. 

What is a Personal Loan balance transfer?

A personal loan balance transfer involves transferring the customer's total amount of Personal Loan outstanding from one bank to another. It is done when another bank extends a lower rate of interest on the outstanding loan amount. The main motive of a Personal Loan transfer is to reduce the overall debt burden.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan balance transfer

HDFC Bank offers various Personal Loan balance transfers with low-interest rates and processing fees. To increase or decrease the EMI or loan tenure, customers can also opt for HDFC Bank Personal Loan balance transfer.


• Special offer IRR is 10.50%.
• The special offer processing fee is Rs. 3540.
• The existing Personal Loan tenure can be negotiated.
• Attractive and lower interest rates.
• Quick disbursal of loan.
• Minimal processing fees.
• No hidden charges.
• Repayment through Standing Instruction facility.
• The interest rate charged is around 11.49%.
• The loan is available to all government and private sector employees or self-employed individuals.
• You can transfer your outstanding loan availed from another bank or financial institution to HDFC and get an additional Top Up Loan of up to ₹50 lacs.
• After transferring your existing loan balance, you can conveniently repay the remaining amount through EMIs.

Eligibility Criteria

• The customer should be a resident of India.
• The customer must have a working personal loan from another bank.
• The outstanding loan amount should be at least ₹ 50,000 for the balance transfer process.
• A regular EMI payment track record of at least 12 months.


Documents required include:
• Duly signed filled application form with passport size photograph.
• Proof of Income
• Proof of identity
• Proof of residence
• Last 3 months salary slip, and last 6 months bank account statement
• Personal loan statement of loan to be transferred.
Customers who want to reduce interest rates on their existing personal loans can opt for the HDFC Bank Personal Loan balance transfer through Realfinserv.

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