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Find the Best Personal Loans in Gurgaon with Realfinserv


Many individuals want to go with the option of personal loans in Gurgaon. The best part of personal loans is that there is no need for any collateral, and one has several reasons to use the funds obtained through this. 


It can help to provide a free hand to the individual, especially in the cases of emergencies which is the main reason behind its popularity. Such loans can help a lot in difficult times, especially in the instances when individuals have insufficient funds in their savings.


Availing a personal loan through Realfinserv will help to provide instant cash along with various other benefits. We don’t charge any kind of commission from the individual at the time of applying for a loan through us. We also provide the guarantee to arrange the best possible advance for the individual that will best match with their needs and requirements. 


We also have various kinds of loan specialists that can suggest the best possible loan for the individual depending upon the circumstances. We also provide an EMI calculator that can help to calculate what will be the monthly payments.


You need to meet certain eligibility criteria such as –


  • Minimum age should be 23 years
  • Maximum age should be 65 years 
  • Salaried Account
  • Minimum salary should be Rs15000/- per month
  • Minimum job stability should be 6 months


Certain parameters depend on bank to bank that needs to be fulfilled before applying for a personal loan.


There are many reasons why individuals go with the option of personal loans, and some of them are mentioned as follows:


To meet medical emergencies: There can be various unforeseen circumstances in which health can be a major concern. In all such cases, funds are naturally required even if the insurance is there. So, in case any of the individuals have insufficient savings, then he or she must go with the option of personal loans through Realfinserv. We will provide instant loans with the paperless procedure. The amount will be transferred to the account of the individual in a very short period, and the purpose will be solved.


To fund a holiday: A lot of individuals are in stressful situations every day, which directly impacts their productivity and efficiency. This is the main reason one requires a short break from the boring routine, and in all such cases, one requires funds. Travelling or going to a particular location can be a great activity and will bring a lot of joy in life. So, one can consider taking a personal loan so that dream holiday can be funded, and life can be enjoyed.


To expand the business: A lot of business owners avail this to expand their operations, especially the medium and small-sized business owners. In all such cases, one can apply for personal loans with no need for collateral. Hence, a Personal loan is a good option to expand the operations of the business and widen the consumer base.


To renovate the home: Availing of personal loan from the personal loans provider in Gurgaon can also help in undertaking various kinds of home repairs so that architecture and looks of the home can be improved. This is a very important decision, especially in the festival season. So, getting a loan without collateral can help a lot in all such cases. The best part is that individuals can repay the amount in most affordable installments, and there will be no need to spend a considerable amount in a single time.


To meet higher education expenses: In previous times, education-related loans came with several conditions. Those kinds of loans also had various kinds of repayment conditions and were not considered to be a highly preferred option. But now taking a personal loan is a good option because there are no strict formalities and this option is highly affordable by all. This is a good way to pursue higher studies in a cost-friendly manner.


To buy gadgets: The latest gadgets have a great price tag, and many of the individuals do not have funds to purchase them. So, in all such cases of insufficient funds, personal loans are a good option to buy those gadgets and enjoy life. These personal loans can help in rescuing from all such situations. Now anybody can own a Smartphone in a burden-free manner by properly efficiently planning the monthly expenses.  


To meet wedding expenses: The big fat weddings are a great trend in nations like India. So, one requires a lot of funds to conduct these weddings. Now having a dream wedding is not impossible because personal loans can help in providing the funds with no collateral or security. This option is highly preferable by people in comparison to the moneylenders because of the exploitation in terms of high-interest rates charged by them.


To move as well as relocate to another city: The relocating expenses are sky-high nowadays. All the costs associated with moving from one place to another require funds and can cause great losses and burdens if one is not careful. At this point comes the importance of personal loans. These loans can help to provide the funds required for moving from one place to another, and one can plan things accordingly.


To fund a big-ticket purchase: A lot of individuals go with the option of taking personal loans at the time of purchasing a laptop, washing machine, refrigerator or any other appliance which is considered to be a big-ticket purchase. So, personal loans can help in purchasing such things easily and with proper planning.


Instead of taking some specific purpose loans like car loan and home loan, a lot of people prefer to take personal loans because of the affordable interest rates provided by it. The paperwork required is very minimal, and this is considered to be a convenient way of getting access to a lot of funds. Hence, personal loan apply in Gurgaon are becoming highly popular because of the increasing awareness regarding finances among people. Connect with us for the best deals!


Q1. Where can a Personal Loan be used?

Personal loans can be used for any purpose such as medical emergency, wedding expenses, business expansion, house renovation, vacation expenses, etc. It can be utilized towards debt consolidation, paying for the down payment of new house, or meeting educational expenses. The uses for which personal loan in Gurgaon can be utilized is limitless. The banks do not put any restrictions on its use. This is the very primary reason that demand for a personal loan is high as any kind of expenses can be met without much burden on its users. Hence personal loan is becoming the first choice of many people.


Q2.What is the eligibility criteria for applying for personal loan?

For applying for Personal Loan in Gurgaonone must need to follow certain requirements such as there must be a regular source of income whether you are salaried or self-employed. This is an essential factor as it determines whether you are capable of repaying the loan back or not. Another important requirement in case of a salaried employee is the company where he/she is working, and also, the credit history plays an important role in determining the rate of interest. Also, one must be minimum of 21 years of age and not exceeding 60 years of age. One can easily apply and get personal loan online as well.

Q3. What is the minimum amount one needs to borrow in case of a personal loan?
The minimum amount that one needs to borrow in case of a personal loan varies from bank to bank. It depends upon different banks' procedures and policy and also depends upon other factors as well. But usually, the minimum amount of easy personal loan varies from Rs. 25000 to Rs.30000. It may vary, but this is the standard limit. It is advisable to go through different lenders to choose the one which fulfills your requirements. Sometimes it also depends upon the source of income of one applying for the personal loan in Gurgaon.

Q4. What is the process of calculating the maximum amount of the loan?

The maximum amount that one can avail through personal loan varies from person to person. It usually depends upon the financial capability of the person in repaying the loan. For salaried employees, the maximum amount is decided on the basis of their salary. The loan amount is decided in such a way that it EMI of the personal loan should not exceed 30 to 40 percent of their salary. And in the case of self-employed, the maximum amount of personal loan is calculated on the basis of their profit. For this statement of profit and loss is analyzed.

Also, if there are other loans, then they are also taken into consideration. Credit history also plays an important role in availing a low-interest personal loan in Gurgaon.

Q5. What is the time period for which personal loan can be availed?

A personal loan is high in demand not only because it can be put to multiple uses without any restrictions imposed by the bank but also the flexible tenure it can be borrowed for. The tenure for which personal loan in Gurgaon can be availed is from 12 months to 60 months. One can choose the time period as per their requirement, and it also depends upon the uses for which personal loan is borrowed. In some situations, a shorter or longer time period than the standard can be allowed by the lenders.

Q6.What are the various important documents that are required for a personal loan in Gurgaon?

The documents that are required for the personal loan may vary from bank to bank. But some key documents are required by every bank or financial institution. These includes:

• Document showing the proof of income.

• Proof of Address

• Documents relating to the proof of identity

• Any other documents as specified by the lender.

It is important to go through all the requirements of the lender before applying for the loan so that there is no headache afterwards. The whole process has been made simpler by applying for a personal loan online.

Q7. What is the process of personal loan approval?
The process of personal loan approval in Gurgaon is very easy. It does not involve a number of lengthy and cumbersome steps, and the loan can be availed within a few days which was not possible earlier as one has wait for a longer time to get the loan approved. The approval process depends upon the lender to lender. The process can be completed within 48 hours, or it might take a week or two but not more than that. All one needs to get it documents ready so that process of personal loan can be approved at a fast rate and you can then put the amount of loan to use. Moreover, it has become easier through personal loan online approval.

Q8. What are the rates charged on a personal loan?
Personal loans are unsecured form of loans, i.e. one does not have to mortgage security in order to get the loan. Being an unsecured loan, the rate of interest charges on them are slightly higher when compared to other types of secured loans. The prevailing interest rates are different as per banks' discretion, but the lowest personal loan rate in Gurgaon charged is around 10.99 percent. There are certainly other factors that also affect the rate of interest such as credit history of the applicant, the income level of the applicant, tenure for which loan is applied for, and also other loans that are being taken by the applicant also affect the rate of interest on this loan.

Q9. How to compare interest loan rate?
The interest rates charged on personal loans differ from bank to bank as it depends upon a number of factors. One must compare the interest rate of different banks and other financial institutions to get low-interest personal loans in Gurgaon. One can compare the interest loan rate of different banks through Real Finserv that provides you with all the details that are required in order to make an informed decision. In order to get the lowest rate on personal loan in Gurgaon, one may consider Real Finserv for all the guidance.

Q10. How to get the lowest interest rate on personal loan ?
As more and more banks, as well as other financial institutions, are offering personal loan in Gurgaon, one can compare the interest and thus get the lowest interest rate as per their requirements. Earlier one has to go physically to different banks and financial institutions in order to know about the interest rate, which made it difficult to get the best deal. It has now been made easier through the platform of Real Finserv which makes available the different rate interest of various banks or NBFCs so you can choose the best interest rate for loan.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • 1
    Good CreditScore
  • 2
    Less Than 65 Years
  • 3
    Salary Must Be In
    Your Account
  • 4
    Minimum Salary
    Required Rs.15000/
    Month Credit in
  • 5

    Minimum Job
    Experience / Stability
    6 Months